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Nightmare or Rosy Dream - Database Management for Fundraising

Posted by David G Phillips on Aug 10, 2018 6:52:14 AM

The Nightmare: All of the clothing you have ever owned in your entire lifetime is in piles on the floor of your walk-in closet, unfolded and disorganized. Socks, shoes, tights, jogging pants, underwear, pajamas, shirts, tank-tops, t-shirts, shorts, ties, earrings, rings, hats and coats, everywhere. The pile is chest-deep. You have to get dressed. You panic. "This is not an efficient way of dressing! I can’t find anything!" Then you realize you have to organize it. "It’s too overwhelming. I just need everything to be in its place so I can get what I want when I need it!"

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Topics: Capital Campaigns, Communications and Networking, database management, fundraising database, Fundraising Principles, non-profit reports

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