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How long should an Endowment Campaign Run?

Posted by admin on Aug 10, 2018 8:52:24 AM

There comes a time in an endowment campaign when the initial urgency of the need inherent in the campaign's case for support begins to fade. The excitement of the kickoff, anticipation of success as the personal solicitations begin, the first promising results --- can go for naught if the campaign goes on too long. As an organization's endowment campaign begins to extend well into its second year of actual solicitation activity, volunteers begin to grow tired and donors will not believe there is a real and immediate need for their money. Invariably, campaigns of this type slow, stall, and sometimes fail because the management and implementation of the campaign plan were not well organized. The key to successfully completing an endowment campaign on or before its established and public deadline is, in a word, organization.

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