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Thanking Donors - Once Is Never Enough

Posted by admin on Aug 9, 2018 4:26:46 PM

I came across an old Chinese custom once that said you should thank someone seven times when they give you a gift. As a fundraiser, I thought this was a great standard to which we should hold our efforts. In our business, there are few things more important than recognizing our donors.

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Transformative Gifts, Unique Recognition Motivates Donors

Posted by David G Phillips on Aug 9, 2018 9:36:39 AM

Campaigns to raise funds for a CAT scan, an MRI or even a bus may not seem like the most romantic or exciting opportunities to offer donors. After all, a piece of equipment isn't an ideal. According to David G. Phillips, president of the fundraising consulting firm Custom Development Solutions (Mount Pleasant, SC), approaching donors correctly during such campaigns can make all the difference. And if an institution can find unique ways to recognize these donors, the impact of the campaign can be felt by the entire community.

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