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Creating a Culture of Fundraising in Your Organization

Posted by admin on Aug 10, 2018 9:51:43 AM

In my work with organizations around the country, I find that one of the biggest obstacles to fundraising success is groups' inability to mobilize diverse people in the organization to participate in fundraising activities. Staff and board members come to trainings to learn the skills and strategies, but only a handful of people end up actually doing any fundraising work. As consultants like me make their living trying to entice board members and others to participate in fundraising, we often leave out the bigger picture — the need to integrate fundraising and program work.

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Two Tips for Creating Especially Special Events

Posted by David G Phillips on Aug 9, 2018 9:32:11 AM

As a fundraising consultant, I have spent a lifetime trying to help organizations move from a ‘special events’ fundraising mentality towards a more personal and professional program of major gifts solicitation. Clearly, if there are limited time and scarce resources, the systematic cultivation of major gifts is the most productive and effective means to realize the most money for a nonprofit institution. Perhaps the most productive result of converting your nonprofit to a major gifts fundraising focus is the financial stability it provides.

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